Korean Air executive takes excessive measures for being served nuts on a bag instead of a plate

Chon-Hyundai-ah or Heather Cho as she is also known took matters in her own hands when a crew member served her nuts from its own bag instead of on a plate while flying on First Class with Korean Air. As per the cnbc stream live is that Cho who is the Vice President of the airline resigned from the airlines’s cabin service and hotel business divisions as well as it’s inflight sales business and catering division after the incident. 

When she was served the nuts, according to cnbc streaming live is that she was so angry that she ordered the flight to Incheon should go back to the JFK’s gate so that the crew member should disembark. Despite being in charge of inflight services she was not right to order the flight to go back as she was only a passenger and there were many other inconvenienced passengers on board. The flight was delayed with 11 minutes to South Korea. 

The airline apologized for any inconvenience and worry that the passengers might have experienced thinking that it was a safety issue. As per the http://www.hulkuss.com/watch-cnbc-live-stream/ is that Cho-Yang Hu who is the chairman of the airline also took his time to apologize to those affected for the inconvenience caused by his daughter who is still the Vice President. The reports from the ground indicate that there are investigations going on. Educating all the staff will be the next move to ensure that the right customer service is offered to all guests.

Mexico sadden by Pope Francis’s remarks

Watch pakistani news channels for all the latest updates of news taking place around the globe. Pope Francis is known to be one of the most respected people around the globe but he recently touched the wrong button. Sending an email to a friend, the pope was saddened by drug trafficking in his home country Argentina and he happened to use the word Mexicanization. This did not go down very well with Mexico who in turn communicated to a Vatican diplomat over this.

It could be that the pope used the words due to the long drug battle that the Mexican authorities have been engaged in with the drug cartels. The viewers of samaa news live stream can attest that, many people have died in the drug battle. The Human Rights Watch estimated that in just one decade more than 60, 000 people have lost their lives. Drug trafficking might have gone a notch higher due to the fact that drug cartels in Mexico are also doing their business in Argentina.

The chief diplomat of Mexico and Jose Antonio Meade the Foreign Minister contacted the Vatican in regards to the remarks. As per the report on samaa news live is that the Vatican’s secretary of state responded by saying that Pope Francis never meant any offense to Mexico and its people. He also said that the email was meant to be informal and private to Pope’s friend who had used the name before as well as he was not to underestimate the need for the Mexican government to fight the drug battle.

How ISIS makes money

The Islamist State or ISIS has been hitting the headlines including express news live online. It is one of the most merciless terror groups having beheaded and burned many of its hostages in the recent past. It is estimated that it controls over six million people in Iraq. You may wonder how this group has been making money to support itself and buy weapons! The controls oil refineries and wells in both northern Syria and Iraq before smuggling it into some needy areas. 

Every day that you watch express news live streaming, you will see that ISIS has committed a crime. The terror group has also been making money from ransoms after kidnapping citizens from western countries. If the ransoms are not paid, they end up executing the hostages. A good example is the beheading of James Foley and two Japanese whose ransoms were never paid. They demand hundreds of dollars so as to release the hostages.  As per the news on express news live is that the group also makes money stealing from banks, harvesting and trafficking body organs, extorting the locals , control of crops as well as looting and selling artifacts and antiquities. From oil sales, it estimated that the terror group makes a minimum of a million dollars. Everything that the group does works towards its own benefit while destroying everything else. Through the digging of antiquities, many important ancient sites have been destroyed. Important attraction sites such as the tomb of Johnah is one of the destroyed ones. 

The Best Solution for Free Data Recovery Software

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While free data recovery software will in reality cost you money, would you have the capacity to genuinely put a sticker on some of your data archives? In life and especially with machines, things happen. Exactly when something happens with your data records it may be that your occupation is remaining in a critical position and you have no choice yet to recover the lost data.


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The Health of Your Body

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India defending champions in 2015 world cup

If West Indies wins the match against Pakistan then that means it has booked a spot at the semi-finals. West Indians are now working on the areas that need improvements as well as analyzing their weaknesses and strengths. Darren Sammy said despite the fact that his team has won in a match against Australia among others it still has not peaked. On the other hand according to free cricket highlights 2015 Bravo said that it was good to beat opponents when he was asked if his team’s win could be a turning point for T20 2014.click to watch more online

Time for some shopping

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Lose Weight With Body Wraps

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sd recovery – help you recover photoes quickly

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01recovery software to help you Recover photos

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